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One year on….catching up with Amélie.

Our first puppies enjoyed their first birthday just before Christmas. We are pleased to introduce Amélie who started life as Cosette de Landesvoie.

Amélie has recently had her first birthday and she’s now a full sized, affectionate and energetic spaniel who has quickly established herself as one of the family.

We have started the day with a trip to a very muddy Regent’s Park and she has quietly tolerated the now routine hose down. It’s been a wet winter and she used to run to the opposite side of the garden the moment I reached for the hose, but she’s learnt that a rinse and towelling is quicker and easier if put up with in silence.

None of Amélie’s best friends were there today: full sized dogs such as Missie the English Setter and Dougal the Greyhound, nor the bounding English Pointer she met recently who outran her. But she had a good play with a black Lab in training to be a guide dog (yes, he’s great on the lead) and tore off with a Japanese Shiba Inu.

London parks have been her kindergarten: great training for how to get on with other dogs and the need to ignore runners and toddlers. Best of all for Amélie is her weekly trip to Hampstead Heath in a pack of local dogs: she always returns happy and exhausted.

Weekends are in Suffolk with more space but fewer playmates. We had thought that the distractions of a park would test most our progress with the recall, but woods full of wildlife are far more exciting than any park. The H part of Amélie’s HPR breeding is there in strength.

This is the first time we have had a dog and although Amélie’s arrival has meant a lot of changes, she has had to fit in, too. She’s been so willing to do so: never complaining about car journeys or the odd train trip, settling quickly in her crate if we need to go out for a couple of hours, and staying off no go areas such as newer sofas and chairs.

We’re not training her to be a gun dog, but I can see how she could do it well. Any disobedience now is just due to her exuberance overcoming her desire to please, and if she doesn’t end up a well-trained family dog, then the finger of blame would need to be pointed at us and not her.

So, it’s been great fun so far, everyone in the family loves her to bits. Even the odd dog-averse guest gets won over before leaving, provided those muddy paws have been restrained throughout the visit.

Our little star shines in the Eastern Canada sanction match

Our pups from the first litter born in the UK are now 7 1/2 months old and they are all doing so well. The first of our updates takes us to Canada where two puppies were exported to.
On Saturday August 10th our ‘Petit Etoile’ who is now known as Mèrak entered his first show in Canada. The Eastern Canada French Spaniel Club met and Mèrak was chosen as Best Male Puppy, Best Puppy in the breed,Best of Breed and finally Best of all the winners. He will be entered in shows in September and October and we look forward to hearing how our little star fares.

CLA Game Fair 2013

We have just come back from the CLA Game Fair at Ragley Hall and it was a great success. Our dogs Gareau, 16 months and Clovissounette 3 1/2 years were completely in their element and loving all the attention. We really enjoyed meeting some fantastic people and having the opportunity to talk about our dogs. We registered a huge amount of interest in the next litter which will be Spring 2014. Thank you to everyone who made our first Game Fair as French Spaniel owners so special. We look forward to seeing everyone next year.
Our plans to expand our growing pack of French Spaniels next year include sourcing new lines to bring in as well as having our own litter. We are also trying to get more video footage of them working for our You Tube account so that those who live too far to visit us in Yorkshire can see them at their best. As always we welcome any visitors who would like to meet the dogs either at home with us or working in the field so please do get in touch!

They are 6 weeks old…

Time has flown by and I have not been on to update our blog for a bit. The pups have been a full time occupation and they are a delight! We have had the first day outside with the pups as the weather has finally given us some sunshine and a dry day! We are happy to report that all pups are now taken and we are looking forward to preparing them for their new homes.
Two will be going to Canada, two will stay locally, one will be in Scotland and another will be in London/Suffolk. The last one will stay with us to further the lines here in the UK. We couldn’t be more pleased with the owners/homes and feel that all the pups will be very loved.

First French Spaniel puppies in the UK are here!

What a start to the holidays…my last day at work started with our puppies being born. The first, a girl was born at 0735 hours with another seven to follow. It was a long day and no work was done as I sat next to the whelping box all day. Clovissounette is doing really well for a first time mum and the pups are thriving.
We have had one set of visitors with a view to taking a little girl and more to come over the holidays. It is nice to meet some of the prospective owners and see that these special pups will be going to first class homes.
We will have one boy going to Canada as a future stud dog.
Christmas was a busy time with all the usual things going on as well as looking in on the pups and spending time with them.
We still have a couple puppies available but expect this to change quickly. If you are thinking of adding one of the special dogs to your family, please get in touch.
The next planned litter will be in 2014.

Week 6 of the pregnancy..

The scan was done just over a week ago and at least eight puppies were confirmed. Clovissounette is getting bigger by the day and now prefers a quiet walk to a run. After a few weeks at the beginning of the pregnancy where she went off her food she is now back on it and eating for twelve. Her usual slim frame is filling out.

The first of the adverts in Shooting Times came out last Thursday and we have had quite a few enquiries with some imminent visits from prospective new owners. I am really pleased that the puppies will be heading to quite varied locations so that the breed will become more recognised here in the UK.

One question that has cropped up about them is “Why haven’t they been bred over here before now?” My answer is that they have been in this country previously as one was gifted to King Charles and then the breed was used to found other breeds such as Springer Spaniels. The English breeds took over and French Spaniels were sadly forgotten. The breed nearly became extinct and then breed enthusiasts took on the task of bringing them to the forefront of the Canadian and French shooting scene.

We are very excited to play a part in elevating the status of these magnificent dogs and hope to raise their profile in the UK.

Recent technical developments- We are now on You Tube as Clovissounette French Spaniel with two videos and we will post more as the pups are born!

The big day has finally come….

Well in this case there were several days. Our girl Clovissounette went to France two weeks ago for a planned mating with Delco. It was a success with multiple matings occurring over a few days and all looks set for some lovely pups to arrive in December. We travelled over this weekend to collect her and spend some time with Delco’s owners. He is an amazing boy with an impeccable pedigree and the same lovely nature that Clovissounette has. The countdown will be on now for December and our future arrivals. We will keep you posted on all the news!

After two weeks without her, it is nice to have her home.

Remember passports are essential…

A rule well remembered when you are travelling to France to collect your future stud dog. On some bad advice from a friend, and P&O Ferries own information, we went to France last Sunday to collect our new male Gareau and found out that you cannot just go to France and back on your UK Driving Licence. The original plan was that I would sit in Dover and wait as my Canadian passport renewal had not arrived in time.

I wish I had followed that one through but the excitement of picking up our new boy over ruled my head and off I went. The journey home was a bit emotional as the poor boy didn’t travel well and I was detained a long time at UK Border Control until they confirmed that my passport was actually being processed. We missed our ferry and arrived home about four hours late but Gareau is doing well! He is six months old and has an impeccable pedigree. Both parents are Elite A Trial champions and fabulous working dogs.

We are looking forward to the CLA Game Fair and hope to see all of you there! (No passports required thankfully)

French Spaniel blog post featured on Ladies Shooting website

OUR POST AS SHOWN ON (they run some fab ladies days called Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club !! Tea and cakes with some shooting thrown in for good measure)

Meet the ‘jewel’ of the Gun Dogs in this Jubilee year




A French Spaniel should be at the top of everyone’s wish list this shooting season. They are a versatile HPR (not a typical spaniel) who will win both your heart and mind.  They are elegant and intelligent, kind natured and hardworking, designed to be the best of all the gun dog breeds rolled into one.

Far from being new to the scene, French Spaniels are the oldest pointing breed known. They became popular with French royalty in the Middle Ages who preferred their intuitive hunting style and calm, methodical approach.

Nicole and Marc Brule-Walker of Manor Farm Kennels, Thirsk, North Yorkshire have the only known French Spaniel in the UK. She was imported three years ago from the top breeder in Quebec, Canada. Her father is the Canadian Champion, and Best in Breed and her mother won Best Female in the breed last year.

Clovissounette des Deux Rives has become a valuable member of the working dog pack at Manor Farm and has inspired us to introduce the breed into the UK through careful selection and breeding.

We have sourced two other champion lines in France and will be collecting two more dogs from there over the summer. First to arrive in June will be Garry de l’Oree du Bois. His father is the Field Trial Champion and Best in Breed standard in France.

Second will be Hermes de Landesvoie in July. Apart from sharing an obvious name connection with French handbags and scarves, he is divine!



The most exciting news on the French Spaniel front is our first planned litter, which will be at the end of the year. Clovissounette has quite a few admirers already and two puppies have been reserved from this rare and special litter.

We hope to have them working in various settings around the country to help show the shooting community what these dogs are capable of.


Come on ladies…lead the way with these gorgeous and intelligent dogs!!


We are always available for a chat or a visit should you wish to meet our Clovissounette, Gareau or Hermes. Alternatively, we will be at the CLA Game Fair at Belvoir, Leicestershire in July in the Discover Gun Dogs Pavillion for all three days.


For more information, please visit our website at:


Twitter: @frenchspanielUK

Facebook: Clovissounette French Spaniel


P.S I hope to see some of you at the S & CBC meeting on 15th July 2012 at Warren Gill !!!

French Spaniel debut at Yorkshire Game Fair

It has been a hot and busy time at Stockeld Park this weekend. We joined the Discover Gun Dogs Pavillion at the Yorkshire Game Fair. We feel fortunate to have shared our passion for this breed with lots of like minded people. Clovissounette behaved beautifully and took everything in her stride. It was also our first event with our new sponsor Wagg Foods!!

We are looking forward to a busy summer promoting our French Spaniel & Wagg Foods.

We will also be at the CLA Game Fair at Belvoir, Leicestershire in July.