First French Spaniel puppies in the UK are here!

What a start to the holidays…my last day at work started with our puppies being born. The first, a girl was born at 0735 hours with another seven to follow. It was a long day and no work was done as I sat next to the whelping box all day. Clovissounette is doing really well for a first time mum and the pups are thriving.
We have had one set of visitors with a view to taking a little girl and more to come over the holidays. It is nice to meet some of the prospective owners and see that these special pups will be going to first class homes.
We will have one boy going to Canada as a future stud dog.
Christmas was a busy time with all the usual things going on as well as looking in on the pups and spending time with them.
We still have a couple puppies available but expect this to change quickly. If you are thinking of adding one of the special dogs to your family, please get in touch.
The next planned litter will be in 2014.