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Meet the ‘jewel’ of the Gun Dogs in this Jubilee year




A French Spaniel should be at the top of everyone’s wish list this shooting season. They are a versatile HPR (not a typical spaniel) who will win both your heart and mind.  They are elegant and intelligent, kind natured and hardworking, designed to be the best of all the gun dog breeds rolled into one.

Far from being new to the scene, French Spaniels are the oldest pointing breed known. They became popular with French royalty in the Middle Ages who preferred their intuitive hunting style and calm, methodical approach.

Nicole and Marc Brule-Walker of Manor Farm Kennels, Thirsk, North Yorkshire have the only known French Spaniel in the UK. She was imported three years ago from the top breeder in Quebec, Canada. Her father is the Canadian Champion, and Best in Breed and her mother won Best Female in the breed last year.

Clovissounette des Deux Rives has become a valuable member of the working dog pack at Manor Farm and has inspired us to introduce the breed into the UK through careful selection and breeding.

We have sourced two other champion lines in France and will be collecting two more dogs from there over the summer. First to arrive in June will be Garry de l’Oree du Bois. His father is the Field Trial Champion and Best in Breed standard in France.

Second will be Hermes de Landesvoie in July. Apart from sharing an obvious name connection with French handbags and scarves, he is divine!



The most exciting news on the French Spaniel front is our first planned litter, which will be at the end of the year. Clovissounette has quite a few admirers already and two puppies have been reserved from this rare and special litter.

We hope to have them working in various settings around the country to help show the shooting community what these dogs are capable of.


Come on ladies…lead the way with these gorgeous and intelligent dogs!!


We are always available for a chat or a visit should you wish to meet our Clovissounette, Gareau or Hermes. Alternatively, we will be at the CLA Game Fair at Belvoir, Leicestershire in July in the Discover Gun Dogs Pavillion for all three days.


For more information, please visit our website at:


Twitter: @frenchspanielUK

Facebook: Clovissounette French Spaniel


P.S I hope to see some of you at the S & CBC meeting on 15th July 2012 at Warren Gill !!!