Week 6 of the pregnancy..

The scan was done just over a week ago and at least eight puppies were confirmed. Clovissounette is getting bigger by the day and now prefers a quiet walk to a run. After a few weeks at the beginning of the pregnancy where she went off her food she is now back on it and eating for twelve. Her usual slim frame is filling out.

The first of the adverts in Shooting Times came out last Thursday and we have had quite a few enquiries with some imminent visits from prospective new owners. I am really pleased that the puppies will be heading to quite varied locations so that the breed will become more recognised here in the UK.

One question that has cropped up about them is “Why haven’t they been bred over here before now?” My answer is that they have been in this country previously as one was gifted to King Charles and then the breed was used to found other breeds such as Springer Spaniels. The English breeds took over and French Spaniels were sadly forgotten. The breed nearly became extinct and then breed enthusiasts took on the task of bringing them to the forefront of the Canadian and French shooting scene.

We are very excited to play a part in elevating the status of these magnificent dogs and hope to raise their profile in the UK.

Recent technical developments- We are now on You Tube as Clovissounette French Spaniel with two videos and we will post more as the pups are born!